Hey guys.

so im going mental on pedulz atm.....

but i really want some more beef to go with my tones.

ideally i want an 8 string but i will settle for a 7.

mu budget is pretty low as my pedal board is taking a lot of priority atm. However i have just spent my last months pay check on it. So im looking at about £350... less would be preferable. however if there is nothing good in that sort of price range then i shall save for a bit and get one later.

7s. I have been looking at the Dean vendetta 1.7, The ibanez RG-7321( a little above my price range) and the omen 7. i have found the omen extreme 7 on ebay for the same price.

8s The schecter omen 8 and the esp H208.

I never trust the review section of this site, but you lovely people in the forums know what you're talking about.

So my question is.....

Which one would you recommend or are there other guitars i should look at?
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I would normally say a Carvin DC800, but I don't think they ship internationally, and they're also way out of your budget.

Next up is one of the Schecters. I've heard that the ATX C-8 is good, although i have no clue about it's price.
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Washburn WG-57 is a decent 7

$100 from most places
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