I'm in the basement of some motel along with half of the town hiding from a tornado. I've got nothing to do and no one to talk to, so here I am.

I don't think it's a tornado, I think it's aliens. Just saying.

What should I do with my time here. What would you do? If these were your last moments on earth, how would you spend them? How would you use the limited resources to **** with the town for your own amusement?

Help me pass the time pit.

EDIT: my twitter updates pertaining to the tornado

@robertsanidiotBasement of oak tree in. I feel like a coward hiding like this. We should pull together and take the fight to the tornado. Also, I miss yani

@robertsanidiotEntry2 Ive rallied the men and convinced them to lift the warning N place of a full fledged attack on the twister The men prepare for battle

@robertsanidiotEntry3 On my way to the base to ready for the assault on the tornado. It's hard not to think of my love, whom I haven't heard from in hours.

@robertsanidiotEntry4 First attack was partial successBut not without heavy casualties.Resources low.Watch N horror as two fat kids fight over last twinkie
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You know what to do, robert.
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Convince everyone it's actually aliens.

best idea yet! Do this.
It's over simplified, So what!

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I don't know what is going on in this thread or why I have an erection.
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You're with half the town and have no one to talk to?

The town is ticked off at me because i'm blasting the mars volta. My first attempt at annoying everyone I can.

My ex is here, so there's that bit of awkwardness, but i'm sure I can exploit that for some fun somehow.
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Convince everyone it's actually aliens.

Mission accomplished. The drunk rednecks are now fearing for their lives, and getting more drunk. While the squeamish women are squeaming.

I convinced them the spaceship was hiding in the vortex, and then some dude took a picture of something that almost looked like a ufo and the rest worked itself out.
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you could always listen to something good instead of the mars volta

I doubt I could get a rise from anyone if I was playing adult contemporary.
The mars volta get the desired results.