I have an MXR CAE MC-404 wah. It's basically a souped up Crybaby - a pedal I know you're all familiar with. One day, when I was overcome with boredom a few months back, I decided to hack at my pedalboard with a screwdriver. Now I know nothing about modding pedals - I just wanted to take em apart and check out the insides. Big mistake.

Long story short, I messed up the treadle on my wah. I have too much heel and not enough toe. Now my wah just sounds thick and throaty with no quacky highs. I achieved this level of stupidity by messing with the "joint" of the pedal. You know the stuff under the treadle that the big metal rod goes through? I unscrewed one of the thingys and I couldn't get it back on. I'm a dumbass with hooves for hands.

So I think the simplest, most barbaric way to solve this would be to just take the entire treadle off so that I have room to re-screw that one thing. Then pop that baby back on again. I don't know how to do this.

The wah has internal trim pots to adjust Q and gain. I COULD just really adjust to Q to make it work with a ****ed up treadle (I may start doing this while I wait for replies), but now matter what I do, my sweep will be limited, which would be a damn shame considering I think the MC404 is one of the most versatile wahs on the mass market.

So.. help?
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In a CryBaby there is a little piece of plastic the holds the treadle in place. Just unscrew the piece of plastic, move the treadle off the cog, rotate the pot to the desired location, and lock the piece of plastic back in place.