i recently purchased a OBL 450-L (and extremely excited to finally play it). after installing it in my Godin it sounded fantastic! one of the best pickups i have. it worked for a bit, then i put it down for a bit then decided to play it again. all the sound and tone was gone, it was extremely quiet. today i tapped each rail to check, the north rail works but very quiet, the south rail has no sound whatsoever.

any ideas? lol
similar to this except it has a matte black plastic cover
The whole pickup is expoxied together. Has a circuit board on the bottom. Tried rewiring 3 times to no prevail it works occasionally
I wired it straight to the jack. And the one coil doesn't work. When I put it back in the guitar it worked it gives a reading around 12k. When I plugged it in it worked, but while I was playing the tone and volume dropped. And gives me a reading of 500k so my guess is a short in the coil.