I'm looking into possibly getting a guitar that is unique. I am not looking to spend anything insanely high, but does anyone know of some guitars that are truly unique?
hallmark swept-wing (shade guitars made a re-issue too)
national westwood 75
tiesco et-300
tokai "blazing fire" talbo- its got an aluminum body even. super unique

all very unique looking instruments, some of which are genuinely cool ideas (others are just weird). also, all can be found for under $200 (the et-300 could be found for under $500)
I've always wanted a 1983 Ibanez PL2550, hard to find but I love the sound of em'.
I've always like the look and sound of the Hofner Galaxy. They recently released a reissue and it looks pretty close to the original but the pickups just don't have the same bite as the original.
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I have a Schecter Blackjack ATX C1 FR in walnut satin (yeh I know SOOOO unique), but it's not sold in walnut satin anymore, it's been replaced with satin sunburst (check the website). When you realise the only finishes you see on youtube are black or white, it's unique enough for me
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1966 Fender mustang. In red.

I have a 1966 Mustang fender...does that count?
Shoot me, but I'd have to go with the Ibanez XV500.

I only recently realize how puny the bodies on those are, but if I could get a wider one...<3
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The Fernades Ravelle SHIN series:


Other than that, I'd go for something from a small company or luthier...Jon Kammerer,
J. Backlund, JET, Thorn...
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Not exactly unique but the more obscure fender models; jazzmaster, jaguar and mustang are pretty uncommon and fender just put out new modern player models and blacktops that are quite cheap.

A flying V studio is quite cheap and not a bad guitar, Ibanez has some more obscure models check out the FR and X ranges and their artists models are usually easy to pick up second hand.
the original swedish made hagstroms of the late '60s up until the early '80s are some of my favourite guitars, ever - not just my favourite obscure guitars. not really "collectable" and you can find them for pretty reasonable prices, but superb guitars nonetheless.

there are also some really crap old hagstroms out there, too.. usually, the crap ones are easy to spot, though.
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