New Gear Day!!

Went on a bit of a birthday shopping today and had some fun spending

Roland GA-60, Similar to the jc120 but alot more warmth with Footswitchable reverb,overdrive and equalizer $300
Boss OS 2 Overdrive/Distortion
Boss BF 2 Flanger
Vox V847 Wah
*All pedals for $85

all prices are AUD australian.

not bad for days shopping

now for pics
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No worries man,
i've it seems neer impossible to find any information about the roland amp though.
No review? It can't be an NGD.
ich bin indeed ein sprechender panda, how are you?
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horrible i know, but i shall write a full review on my amp as its not a very well known amp.
From what i played in the shop, it was very very VERY loud, but the clean sounds it produced where beautiful. A fair bit more low end than the jc120, and with the second 7 band EQ it can dial in alot of differnt tones. Quite impressed with it, can get jazz cleans with ear shattering volume.
and the reverb, as i big lover of reverb the GA 60 nails it! only thing i wish it had was that beautiful roland chorus.
im a huge fan of the os2 for a cheaper dirty box. think its one of the best things boss makes. i think the rest of their drive boxes are garbage.