I recently started rolling Js, so I bought one of those roller machines and some papers. Using the roller is extremely simple, but for some reason my Js barely drag and they go out in a couple of seconds.

I tear the weed up with my fingers into small pieces but the weed is not finely ground up in any way. Thats the only possible problem I can think of, but I wanted to ask first before I buy a grinder.
rolling machines can suck a dick

rolling a j with your own two hands is way better, can pack it tighter, looser, in between, and you can roll a cone-shaped j which is basically the best thing to smoke ever.
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I've never used a machine, but I would imagine rolling machines don't roll them as tight, leaving air so it burns un-evenly or goes out. Just buy a pouch of cheap tobacco and start rolling, even if you don't smoke ciggies.
Ehh, I used to roll my own cigarettes when I used to smoke but they always came out square looking. I guess Ill just practice my technique and see if that works better