Poll: have you ever been whipped by a girl?
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View poll results: have you ever been whipped by a girl?
yes, couldn't help it at the time. that girl had me in the palm of her hand :kissass:
14 11%
men that are whipped need to pick up their balls and man up, its disgusting :puke:
18 14%
yeah and i don't care because i'm getting laid and you losers aren't. i lub my honeybuns :hug:
11 8%
define 'whipped' OP...doing nice things for her sometimes ain't necessarily whipped.. :rolleyes:
33 25%
no i'm not into kinky shit :o
3 2%
my parents used to beat the f*ck outta me man :cry:
6 5%
yeah i pay for my session at this dominatrix place every tuesday and..wait, what? :confused:
11 8%
maybe im just cold-hearted,maybe thats what loves about?but F*CK THAT till im dead is what I shout;)
3 2%
what the hell is this thread about?!? :wtf:
34 26%
Voters: 133.
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nah man, I put that bitch on a whip.

EDIT: Shit, I thought that would have been an option.
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The trick is to make the girl think she's in control, when in fact you are.
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Depends what you mean. S&M, hell no.

Whipped in general, not by any of my girlfriends, but that's because I've only had three and they were all shit.
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Didn't you say that you had a stuffed fox that you would occasionally fuck?

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The trick is to make the girl think she's in control, when in fact you are.


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That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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I would surely like some S&M. I'm not capable of having relationships though. I can't stand other people and they can't stand me.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

The DNA results show that Jeremy Kyle is a nob.

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I want to look at your sexual naked body.

But if she did, she would dress like this

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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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I do it voluntarily, it's called being a "submissive". And if floggers count then yes I've been whipped.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
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But if she did, she would dress like this

No, I have not.
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Nah. My last girlfriend expected me to do everything she said, and when I didn't she would get annoyed or angry. That's probably part of the reason it didn't work in the end.

As far as actual whips go, no as well. I've never met a girl that was into that stuff.
Well, I am kind of a bitch, so yea.
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Well, I am kind of a bitch, so yea.

pick your nuts up man!

ah, who am i kidding..i'm a bitch too
That poll was pretty funny
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Sex wise: no and probably wouldnt like it
Dating wise: sorta am now but I get my way too so even.
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Go on....

There's not really an amusing story or anything.

Just with my last girlfriend I went very much out of my way for her a lot of the time. I wasn't quite whipped, but pretty close
Sex-wise: Yes, I enjoy it.
Relationship-wise: Absolutely not. I mock my friends for being whipped and I'll be damned if I let it happen to me.
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