it's the government reading your's (and everyone else's) thoughts and your amp picking it up but not being the exact frequecy so you just hear noise.
I've heard guitars make similar noises when touched with a metal screwdriver maybe there is some metal touching you pickup? Do you have a watch or maybe a metal scratchplate?
Maybe a wire got loose in your guitar.
Maybe a small piece of the wire's core is touching something it shouldn't in there?
If you have damaged wires you should put new ones in.
Have you tried a different amplifier? maybe that is the problem.
Make sure your jackplug reaches to the metal piece inside your Jackinput.
Or just leave your phone on a table a few meters away from your guitar.

If you tried this all and it still makes that sound. Well, then you got yourself a mystery! XD
Sounds like a loose wire or connection in your electronics to me.
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