what is the maximum bend a person can do? like a half bend makes an A not A# nd a full ben makes it a B. but when i use a chromatic tuner it goes from A to C i.e 1 nd a half steps on a full bend?
It depends on the string gauge and the scale length of the guitar, thinner strings and shorter scale length mean less tension on the strings so they're easier to bend
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"Half bend" and "full bend" refer to how many steps the pitch increases by, not how far you can physically bend the string.
2 1/2 steps is pretty easy around the middle of the fretboard, you can get higher than that thugh without too much trouble.
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Yeah its possible, you can do more as long as the string doesnt snap.
The highest I've gone is a 2 step bend...
I fear for the strings beyond that- and I often go out of tune doing it.
I've done a 3 step bend, but usually the most I do is 2 or 1 1/2
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I get a little freaked out doing more than a 2 step bend. Years ago i had my high e snap doing a really big bend of about 2-3 steps and that kind of turned me off massive bends.
2 1/2 steps is the highest I've seen personally, although I guess some people do even bigger ones occasionally. I never really have any need to do any more than 1 step, but if you played blues you'd be doing large bends more often.
I also have a question about bending. I'll put in this topic.
Whenever I do a bend, the upperstring(s) get stuck on my bending fingers(index, middle and ring, especially ring), this really limits my bending. Especially on the thicker strings.
Does anyone have any tips one this?
what do you mean by stuck? do you mean like they end up ringing when you release, or that you have long fingernails that hook the upper strings?
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@2:02, you see that when Justin does a bend, the upperstrings are pushed towards the neck. But when I do a bend, an upperstring doesn't push towards the neck, rather it bumps against my ring finger.
I hope this helps explaining my problem.
I can get about 3 tones on the g string around the 10th fret.

I can just about make a tone and a half bend on the 22nd fret of my les paul. I would be scared to death to go higher anyway, it would snap.
About the string ringing. You just kind of block the strings with your fingers while your bending. When I bend i dont use my wrist i use my fingers so they arch higher when i bend and flatten a bit when i release. I dont play flat fingered though. But its much easier if you Always bend Your Low E,A,D,G string towards the high E and B string and the And the High E and B string towards the lower stringers. It makes it a little easier for your fingers to just kinda stop the ringing before it happens.