First post.

- So at 31 I am finally serious about playing my guitar. It is now part of my daily routine and for the first time i am enjoying learning theory. My friend and I would really like to start a cover band. We have some direction in that we would like to mainly cover the Queens of the stone age. I have so many questions about the process of starting a band i just need some basic questions answered. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
1. Equipment: What do we need to get close to the sound we are looking for? ( pedals, amps, strings,tunings, Mics, vocal pedals etc.) keep in mind i have very little knowledge of all of this ,but i am learning more each day.

GUITARS- we have an epiphone les paul, fender prodigy, 2 gibson sg's.
AMPS - fender mustang practice amp. and a very large and new line 6 amp.

2. Practice: How should I/we practice? I have been working on the songs we would like to do, some chops exercises, theory study, learning a lick a day and or chord. However, I am not confident in playing the songs without the tracks playing bc i don't know how many times a part is played, solos, singing and playing etc.

3. Lastly, what is a reasonable goal in terms of time that i/we should be expecting to play the whole song without the track and try to jam with other musicians?

I would greatly appreciate and advice or feedback. Thanks
I know Josh Homme frequently plays a hollowbody guitar, so that might help a little to recreate that sound. He does tend to use obscure equipment. If you are truly after covering that sound and QOTSA then you could do a gear search on josh and get some valuable info. Best of luck, I love me some QOTSA. Also I would assume an overdrive pedal on there somewhere would be beneficial.
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Many more questions, but thank you very much bobafetta. appreciated
1, I'm not really sure what sound Queens Of Stone Age makes, so I can't help you there.

2, That's the whole point of practicing, so you can play a song without a backing track. You just need to repeat it again and again until you memorize it. As for your confidence, you can boost that up with a small gig or something.

3, That really depends on how you guys practice and your schedules. In my band, we normally take a week to practice our whole set. (But of course, the songs should be given at least 2 days before a band practice so you can practice out your parts first)