Hey guys,

I just ordered a Fender Standard Strat (Mexico) from Thomann and it should arrive shortly. Should I expect a poorly setup guitar ? The neck all over the place, strings super high ?

I know a bit or 2 about the truss rod and the action at the bridge but I'm no expert and I would probably give it to a pro. But they are damn expensive (40€! 50$ !)

Thanks !
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Ugh, okay!

Am I being robbed at the price of 40€ for a setup ? (52$) ? I also have a Les Paul that would need a setup, so that's 80€ !! (100$ !)

That's insane
There's a setup thread in EG, maybe read that and consider if you can see yourself doing setups yourself. There certainly is a learning curve, but it's not impossible.
since you ordered through thomann, i don't think a setup is neccessary.
they usually do a setup on all their guitars before they send em to you
I have done a few setups myself on my Les Paul but have never managed to get 100% right And I don't want to mess anything up.

Maybe the pro would consider a discount if I bring 2 guitars... ?
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since you ordered through thomann, i don't think a setup is neccessary.
they usually do a setup on all their guitars before they send em to you

Really ? That would be great, and it would save me a lot of money! I hope you're right!
It's not even hard, man. And if you have to pay that for someone to set up your guitar, you're going to have to pay it EVERY time your guitars need set up. It's very much worth learning to do it yourself.
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When you get the guitar check that it is set up properly.
Make sure that:
The action is low.
There's no fret buzz.
The neck is straight.
The bridge isn't too high of the fretboard.
The intonation is accurate.

If these are all fine then there's no reason to get it set up.

BTW, Les Pauls are EXTREMELY easy to set up.
All you need is a screwdriver and a tuner.
The first time I set up my Les Paul i had no experience setting up guitars and i had barely even read instructions or watched video lessons. I did it mainly from what I had read online and heard from time to time but i had never actually seen how to do it.

Im pretty damn pleased with how it turned out too. Super low action, straight neck and accurate intonation with no fret buzz.
Thanks guys!

I managed to set up my LP at 90% ... The only thing is the E string, on the frets 13, 14... until 22, I have a horrendous buzz that I cannot shake off!

I tried bowing the neck forward a little bit and then raising the bridge, but still. I would have to raise it way too high
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Probably not. Every guitar I've ever bought has come perfectly set up. Never bought from Thomann, but I'd expect it to be alright.
Personally I'd never go to a "pro" for a setup. It's hardly rocket science (although they'd have you think it is).
Since you're having it shipped in: definitely. If it was in a shop that depends heavily on the shop. A lot of guitars in-store do get some set up and some of them just happen to end up set up really well. Others: not so much.
I didn't get a quantity discount when I had a luthier set up my first 2 guitars when I was just starting out. Cost like around $100 each and that was about 5 or 6 years ago. But it was around Washington DC and lots of things are more expensive there.

Both guitars are Strats, but one was MIA and the other a Squier Affinity. The Affinity needed it badly; it even needed a shim in the neck. The MIA wasn't a lot different, but it did have less fret buzz when it was done. It was worth the money to know what "good felt like" since I didn't have much of a clue. Also several very experienced friends and some techs at Guitar Center had tried to set up the Affinity, but all failed since it needed the neck shim.

In the end, it was so, so, worth is for the Affinity, even though it was just a few bucks less than the guitar cost in the first place. Just like getting a Fender/SKB case for it, which also cost $100. The end result was laying out $300 for a second guitar that plays just as well as it's $1,000 American cousin. Now that I have other mods in it (humbucking pickups, electronics, locking tuners), I actually prefer it over the MIA Strat--in fact I did a show with it last night.

Anyway, now that I know what I'm doing, I wouldn't pay for a setup again unless I run into something weird like it just won't come around and might need seemething drastic like a neck shim.

Also, I wouldn't let anyone else touch a Floyd Rose guitar. Way too common for professionals (and most shop techs) to adjust the action while the strings are under tension. That's always more wear and tear on the pivots and the knife edges than necessary, regardless of the quality of the trem, and on a "budget model" like an Ibanez Edge III, it can flat out kill the knife edges right away.
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I have bought a couple guitars from Thomann, they were allright right out of the box.
When I say allright I mean there weren't any major flaws setup wise.
It's like they deliver it to you rather neutral. Not too good, not too bad.

If you know what you want from a set up all you need to do is adjust it to your liking.
If you don't really know what 'your liking' is then I suggest you take it to a tech.
If you do know how you want it set up but you don't know how to, the I suggest you read about it on the Interwebz. It's not really difficult to learn, and once you know how it all works you'll be set for life knowing you can set up a guitar to your liking yourself.
I see, thanks a lot guys!

I hope it will only be a matter of adjusting the bridge!
If it needs adjustments, it needs adjustments.

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well... yeah. no shit ? I know that.

I just hope it will be easy adjusments.
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It's not even hard, man. And if you have to pay that for someone to set up your guitar, you're going to have to pay it EVERY time your guitars need set up. It's very much worth learning to do it yourself.

LOL your sig.

Yeah, it's definitely much more beneficial to learn how to do a set up yourself, if it comes to that. You also take pride in yourself when you're the one who's doing the maintenance on your guitars. It's really easier than changing pickups to be honest.
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But on my LP for instance, it needs fret polishing I cant do that myself can I ? It seems kind of serious.
Short answer, yes.
Long answer, when a guitar gets transported the changes in air pressure, temperature and humidity usually mean the initial setup is going to be thrown off, so it will need tweaking to be playable again.

EDIT: Yeah, fret polishing is one of the few things you can only do well with specialised tools if I recall correctly.
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RANT I dunno about Thomann, but I was at GC today and wanted to try out a Laney amp. Wanted to use an Ibanez because the INF pups are a known quantity to me. First one had a locking trem, but was about 30 cents out of tune. Basically that means that you can tune it with the fine tuners until they max out, but it won't get better than about 5 cents out of tune unless you tighten the claw screws. I messed around with it for a bit before I realized I was going to run out of fine tuner thread before it got in tune (it was still about 10 cents out of tune.

So I grabbed another RG off the wall with a regular floating trem and it took about 5 minutes to get it in tune since it had been tuned about 2 steps down. The action was so high on it I almost got my fingers caught under the strings. It was like 3mm off the fretboard!

After all that, turns out the amp wasn't connected to the cab or power, and by then they were going to close in 2 minutes, so I just left. /RANT

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