Hey y'all,

The E string on my Les Paul has very weird sound on the frets 13, 14... until 22.
Take a listen : http://soundcloud.com/alans056/ug

I have tried adjusting the truss rod : bowing it forward a little bit, then raising the bridge. But it was still there. I would have to rais the bridge way too high to get rid of the problem.

What should I do ?

Thanks !
i hear fret buzz right from the get-go.

take it to a pro, you probably need a fret or two polished. and stop adjusting the truss rod.
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Be aware that raising the truss rod does minimal change for fixing the buzz on higher frets. Rather, it worsen it. Did you know that by raising the neck relief you also indirectly raising the action toward the higher frets? Draw a figure on paper and you will see it clearly.

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Fret buzz is one of the many undesirable phenomena that can occur on a guitar or similar stringed instrument. Fret buzz occurs when the vibrating part of one or more strings physically strikes the frets that are higher than the fretted note (or open note). This causes a "buzzing" sound on the guitar that can range from a small annoyance, to severe enough to dampen the note and greatly reduce sustain. Sometimes, fret buzz can be so minute that there is only a small change in the tone (timbre) of the note, without any noticeable buzzing.
I haven't touched the truss rod since last week. I only turned 1/12 of a turn and left it rest for a couple of hours. But noticed it didn't fix my problem so I put it back. It is nown straight.

So you think the frets need polishing. Could I do that myself ? A tech is 40€ (50$) and god damn I don't want to spend that much for fret buzz on the frets 12 to 22 !
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Are you kidding me? You won't spend 50 bucks for a tech? No you cant do it yourself because you'll destroy your frets. Its not "polishing" its a level crown first.. Take it to the pro and spend 50 bucks, thats absolutely worth it.

Oh and Les Pauls are notorious for these problems along with intonation. Their scale lengths are off. Just an FYI.
Les Pauls have a higher string height than any other guitar out there. If you're having buzzing problems after raising it even further, then its the frets. You've got some frets higher than others.
alans056... $50 for a set up is CHEAP. Around here (east coast USA) a simple setup STARTS at $60. $80 is the norm. Fret level and polish... $100-120. And that doesn't include the new strings.
Consider it maintenance. Consider it an investment in an instrument you cherish. Consider it a new starting place. Once its done, you need to keep it there.

Now bite the bullet and do it. You will notice a difference... trust us.
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