Im putting together a cab for a Marshall Mode 4 head. I just cant get a mode 4 cab for love nor money anywhere near me now, so I decided to buy an unloaded cab and put some drivers in there myself.

According to the specs, The Mode 4 cab uses the Celestion G12-K100 speakers, which are 100 watt each. Even though I'm never going to use anywhere near that sort of power even on stage, I dont want a cab thats going to give up mid gig, so I was thinking about alternatives to the G12's that still work in the 100 watt range.

Anyone got any ideas? Some idea of price per speaker would be cool as well

Weber makes a bunch of good 100 watt speakers, most around $100 each.


Places to start
Michigan (High powered series) is probably the best match for the M4. Huge low end, but awfully heavy.
Axis 12 and the FC12 (British series) are both available available in a 100W model and would work well, too.
Eminence has a few also... The tonker (or tonker lite) is over 100W, as is the manowar. For american sounds the commonwealth, texas heat and swamp thing should all able to handle whatever you throw at them.

(NB: I'm working from memory here)
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