I find myself playing a lot of Queens of the stone age lately. I was wondering how i could come as close as possible to their sound ie guitar,amp, pedals, etc. Any ideas would be awesome!! Also, I am using an epiphone les paul in a c tuning w/ 12 g. strings is that OK? Thanks!!
A shovel and some dirt?
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
Thanks man I def appreciate it. however, i am looking for the minimum essentials. Its not a money thing, more a lack of knowledge of how all these things work. I do not want to overwhelm myself with gear and wires all over my place lol. I mean what pedals are a must? as well as guitar set up? Thanks again
The guitar will do.
I'd say a fuzz and an eq pedal to widen the the voicing of the fuzz & amp.
I can't tell you what amp though. Orange voicing comes to mind, but that may be awfully wrong in someone else's view. What amp have you got now?
I have a marshal from 1998 the thing is huge and it has a pedal with OD. not sure of the model. Not sure if its a good amp however, my intuition says it must be. idk.

Thanks man.
What does the nameplate of the amp say? Any letters or numbers?
And that pedal, is it a separate Od pedal or is it the footswitch that came with the amp itself? Tube or solid state?
By huge do you mean it consists of two parts (head+cab, halfstack)?

I haven't played a Mustang, so I can't comment on that one.