This is the one featured on The Next Star and on Family Channel. I can't find it anywhere in this site or others. It gives me the Youtube video and lyrics but never tabs or chords. I would like it if someone could make a tab of it or chords for it. It occasionally shows the chords he plays and that kinda helps to an extent.
The song is three chords basically B, E and F#


B,E B,F#
B,E B,F#
E, F#, B
E, F#
B,E, F#,E etc.......

This will get you started....and basically I believe you can get the rest from here..... If not let me know and I will help...If you get the entire song then tab it out and post it for others to enjoy.....
Thanks that's awesome. I'll watch and listen to the video again and keep those in mind
If you play along to the song and do the changes correctly then this should take you into the song about a minute or two..... like i said if you can not get it then let me know.... but to me from up to what I listened to the whole song are these three chords.....