For sale I have an ESP LTD MH-1000 due to complete lack of use. No longer play in a band & rarely play metal, therefore it's pointless to have this sitting about.

I think they're quite rare now, had a quick look around and couldn't see many. It plays absolutely brilliantly, it's a lovely guitar and if I still played in a band I wouldn't be selling it.

As for condition, it's good condition overall for a used guitar, with a few minor cosmetic issues (pictures below). It has a small chip near the strap lock on the bottom of the body, which isn't deep in the slightest and is a few milimetres wide. Additionally, it has a couple of small bumps on the rear and one near the tone knobs of the guitar which haven't broke the finish, due to cables/leads going in and out I'd imagine. Aside from this, it just has some worn metal parts which is a given considering it's age.

Doesn't unfortunately come with a hardcase, but will be well packaged or could meet in person. Comes with a black DiMarzio ClipLock strap.

Looking for £325 plus postage/shipping. Got a few positive feedback ratings on Sevenstring.org, as well as 25+ on eBay.

Some pictures here:


If interested, give me a PM or fire me an email at mark-graham AT hotmail.co.uk (without spaces + @).