The other thread got me wondering...
For those of you who download music or have...has the whole drama with SOPA or ACTA and everything hindered your DLing? Did you stop completely? Did you decrease your activity? Or was it unaffected?
Do you like anime/manga?
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I download about the same amount as before, but i've also started buying some too.
Not because of SOPA/PIPA, just because i've wanted to.
Honestly, it hasn't really affected me, as there are no laws against it where i am, and i mostly download music (metal and rock) which is frowned upon where im from and as such is totally unavailable for purchase (at least in physical form).
Spotify is what stopped most of my downloading. Which kinda shows that most people will download unless they get a good alternative.
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Nah, I still download just as much as I did before all that SOPA stuff started. I haven't noticed a change actually except that my go-to site for DLing got shut down. I always buy music from artists that came out recently anyway (as in since I started listening to them) but I downloaded 9 albums last night so

On another note, do they enforce illegal downloading laws over in the US? They don't seem to over here and I just wondered.
It hasnt stopped me from downloading music, but I stay away from movies because they are easy to track.
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It has made me download more

I think that was the majority of what happened after the whole SOPA/PIPA craze
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I had a brief period of frantic downloading out of fear that all the torrent sites would be shut down.
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has the whole drama with SOPA or ACTA and everything hindered your DLing?

Only because MU is gone, and a bunch of other DL links got cleaned up.