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Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for microphones. I'm not new to vocals or anything but I'm a complete n00b when it comes to equipment. I know the Shure SM58 is pretty much the standard in microphones but as I'm reading up on it on here I'm finding that it's not all that great. The microphone'd be used live and pretty much only live.

I have no idea what my range is. But you can hear my voice in all of it's (probably) poor technique here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/fortherecord559/app_2405167945

My budget is about $150. If you need to know anything else, let me know.

Thanks, UG!
For live, I use a Sennheiser e835. I love it. Back to back against an SM58, it makes the 58 sound like I'm singing through wet moving blankets.

Now, if you are only a singer and don't have to worry about your guitar getting you a little off-axis from the mic, I might suggest the e845 instead.

The same differences, I believe, exist between the 935 and 945 mics, except the 900 series are newer.

The 35's are a little less directional, which means they are more forgiving for when you move off axis. The 45's are more directional, which means they reject feedback a little better. It's a trade-off.

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