Hey guys just wanted to get some constructive criticism for a couple songs that ive been working on recently. Only really started writing my own stuff past month or two and would love to hear your guys thoughts and improvements that i could do with it. Now its all recorded on a horrible computer mic and a free mixing program so sound quality isnt the best wouldnt mind hearing some opinions on recording gear either what you think i would need (audio processors, mixing programs, drum software) as i would like to continue writing some originals and make em sound legit.

Song 6 - Very nice chord progressions there. Has a nice flavor to it. As noticed though, acoustic blows out the mic at some points, so to speak. Try recording farther away from the mic and adding some compression so that the levels are equaled out a bit.

Metalcore Song - Good riffs. I also really like the tone. Nice pacing too.

Untitled - Pretty much same as Song 6. Very good musical ideas.

Now about recording. I haven't been doing this for a long time but I think I can give some solid advice. Here goes.

A good combo to get for good and affordable recording would be a Digital Interface, doesn't have to be anything flashy or expensive.
Something like this should work marvelously. I'm sure there's even cheaper, good ones out there but I can't really recommend any because of limited experience.

Then a mixer is recommended. A big problem with recording is having your signal pack enough punch. It's quite important. This would solve that easily, in my experience.

And lastly and probably most importantly :
An SM57.

Probably the most versatile microphone I've ever seen. A lot of people will agree. Will find one in almost every studio out there. It's great for recording almost any kind of instrument and At least Solid for recording vocals.

Software wise I would recommend using Reaper as a recording program. Great DAW. Very cheap and pretty much has everything that a "professional" DAW that sets you back a few good hundred euros incorporates.

Sadly I can't give advice on any cheap drum software from experience. I've heard Native Instruments' Studio Drummer is quite good for the 150 Euros it costs. Here's a little demo I've found.
I personally use Superior Drummer 2.0 with The Metal Foundry pack. It's a rather pricy combo but it's all I'll Ever need in terms of drums in my recordings.

Overall this might sound a bit pricy overall, will set you back about 300 dollars [without the drum software] , but from my experience this will generally give you all the recording possibilities you need to record something that is, with some decent mixing, quite solid, which, for someone without a very well trained ear, will sound pretty much like high budget studio-quality. Hope I helped.

Would appreciate if you gave a listen to this and typed out any dislikes/critiques
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Thanks a lot for the advice/good words about my songs means a lot as im trying to push my creativeness as i was never really creative before. As for your track i really dig it nice leads going over a really catchy rythmm