So yesterday I got picked to host Liquid Metal's listener domination for a while. I got accepted almost immediately with the three songs

Slither by Opeth
This Dying Soul by Dream Theater
Children of Bodom by Children of Bodom

But the thing is... I can't think of anything to say. I'm trying to make a joke or something, but nothing comes to mind. Maybe some of the more humorous pit monkeys can show the nation what kinds of funny things they can say about those songs?
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...they're all great songs?
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"I sure prefer Children of Bodom to the bottoms of children"
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"Slither your dying souls all the way up to Lake Bodom for this show!"

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I ****ing hate Listener Domination, because they are always the same: lame. And your's is too imo no offense.

I mean there's a few that have interesting local stuff, but for the most part its lame shit like Machine Head and Children of Bodom and Dream Theatre.

Bloody Roots is the only good thing about Liquid Metal.
theres a few times i like listening, for example when they played a few songs off of Fear Factory and Soilworks new albums (Mechanize :FF & The Panic Broadcast: SW).
People in the pit take my post way too seriously.

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You should put a Ghost song in. You know you want to.
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