anybody have any experience with byoguitar? i want to get some basic stuff down before i build one from scrath. i have tried a gfs guitar kit before and it was garbage so i was curious about the quality of these kits. thoughts?
The body from my newest guitar was a BYO guitar body. I had a friend of mine who works for Maton build me a custom neck based on a Les Paul I like and got a stacked P-90 for the pickup, fully intonatable bridge and bought the upgraded tuners. Whole thing still only came to about $00 and it plays like something you'd spend $1500 on in a store.

Even without the upgrades, the basic parts are all pretty reasonable. The simpler kit you get, the better though i reckon, just fewer parts that can go wrong. It all really comes down to how well you put it all together. I was lucky that I have a friend who builds guitars for a living so I guess my experience is a bit biased because I essentially got a factory built guitar.

Point is, the parts are good, all comes down to how well you assemble them.

[Edit]: The kit I got was a Les Paul JR one BTW.
If you are looking for a kit guitar, I would check out the Carvin Bolt T and Warmoth Custom. Also USA Custom Guitars. They are a little expensive, but about the best stuff you can get - better than what you can buy in a store for under $1500.
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