My question summarized is this: what fingering is the most practical to use when playing A string barre chords?

So, I am talking about the kind of barre chord which leaves out the 6th string, and you can see it tabbed something like:

-3 -7
-5 -9
-5 -9
-5 -9
-3 -7
-x -x

So the question is, what is the best fingering to quickly jump around from one A string barre chord to the next to make your song flow in that way?

It seems like it would take a LOT of skill or be close to impossible to use all of your three fingers to try to get in the right spots as you jump around, the alternative is to use two fingers (one for the barre, then your ring finger for the 3 notes apart from the barre). But this fingering for me can be tricky when trying to sound off the note from the high e string.

(There is a third alternative where instead of going for a full barre chord you don't play the chord on the high e string, so it looks like this:

This might not sound so bad, but I am technically not getting the full barre chord, also I may be missing out on a better sounding chord if I play the full barre chord)

So, mind sharing your thoughts?

PS I want to have a good way to finger the chords to physically play rapid A barre chords in succession.
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I generally play all barred chords as if they're power chords (use my index for the top and pinky on the bottom, not the ring finger) then use the other two to get the other notes needed
Kreuger, thanks for the reply, but I don't quite understand what you are trying to describe.
bar with index
ring finger plays 5th and octave
pinky plays the third
letting the high e 5th ring
I just use my index and then bar the next 3 strings with my ring finger. I dont play the high e, and unless you're doing the whole clean, finger pickin' thing then it doesnt really matter. My way works good for a punk ska kind of thing. Also, you could go the other way and play the high 3 strings, index on the 7 e string, pinky and ring on the b and g strings, and hit it with an upstroke. Thats another ska kinda thing
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