I've bought a new guitar last week - Godin Session.
This guitar is great ! recommended for all the strat lovers. great for blues.
But I have a problem with one thing.
Every time I touch the pickups mounting screw(only the single coils), I'm hearing some kind of a glitch, static noise.
I guess it's got to do with grounding. the problem isn't in the amp - Vox AC15C1.
Also, I don't have this problem with any of my guitars(humbuckers for all, this is my first single coil guitar).

I think it's something with the pickguard, but have no clue how to assure that and how to fix.
any ideas?


Make sure the ground wire (the wire connected to the tremolo plate) is soldered to one of the pots. Also, make sure the control cavities are covered in conductive paint and the bottom side of the pickgaurd is covered with copper or aluminum shielding.

Watch this, it will explain everything http://youtu.be/huc616KgVd0
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