Hey guys!

Mesa Boogie

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier (3 Channel)
More Info:
- This amp has seen some life...
- All the Leather corners have some wear, but they're not all teared up
- The tolex has a few scratches and dings, no wood is exposed though
- Some of the silk screen(?) letters are faded (just a few, prolly less than 5)
- The Channel Selecting Switch (the rotary switch on the back, that lets you switch between channels 1, 2, 3 and footswitch mode) is kinda funky, it doesn't mark exactly the function it's doing, and if you pull it, it'll turn 180 degrees... I'll explain: on the Channel 1 position, nothing happens (physically, the switch won't be able to go there); on channel 2 pos, channel 1 is selected, on channel 3 position, channel 2 is on; Footswitch mode position, channel 3 is selected, and a couple degrees after FSmode, where there is no marking, it'll go on Footswitch mode. Maybe it's just that the swtich moved a little clockwise, but since I'm not sure as of the exact problem, I'm assuming the switch is bad. An Original MESA replacement part is on it's way.
- No scratchy pots
- Currently has Mesa Tubes (6L6s)
- Will take better pics for SERIOUS traders/buyers
Accessories (hardshell case etc):
- Original BigFoot Footswitch (Pretty good condition) with the original Long cable
- Owner's Manual (Home-printed)
- I could even throw a few Rectifier Tubes I have laying around
Price (include currency and if firm/obo):
$1,100 +Shipping O.B.O. (Try me, I need money)

The ONLY trades I'm looking for are (Obviously with cash on my side):
- Framus Cobra
- AXE-FX Ultras

-All prices are negotiable, within a certain extent.

International Buyers are welcome AS LONG AS YOU
cover the Shipping/Paypal/Insurance/Tax fees.

Location (City,State or City,Country): Cayey P.R., USA
Contact Info: PMs here, andres.muniz@upr.edu or text me 787-608-0568
References (eBay or other forum userid): Click Here for a more detailed List of transactions from here and other forums
The switch thing just got fixed with a new replacement part directly from Mesa Boogie.

Also, I'm taking trades into consideration as of now (Plus Cash, OBVIOUSLY ($1,100 trade value)):
- Peavey 5150s (or any variant)
- Peavey XXXs
- Peavey JSX (Honestly, I don't dig them THAT much, so it'd have to be an EXCELLENT offer)
- Blackstar HT-50 O HT-100 (Heads, no combos)
- Mesa Boogie Mark IV
- Fractal Axe-Fx Ultra (Yes, cash on my side)
- Marshall JCMs (again, Heads, no combo)
- Try me...

- Line 6
- Blue Voodoos (well, any Crate for that matter)
- Plexis
- Combos
I've got a few things I'm selling at the moment, so if they all go within the month you'll hear from me. Very, very interested.

My things:
Bowes SLx7
Washburn WG587
Washburn X40Pro
Washburn X50
Washburn HM24
Washburn WR150
Laguna LE200s
Arietta Acoustic
First Act
Valveking 112
VHT Deliverance