Hey there UGists'. Haven't visited in a while. I return with a recent track. Probably my best mix to date. That said, there's TONS of room for improvement. Would appreciate any criticism/advice on this track both composition and mixing wise if possible.

>Song Here<

There is no Bass tracked yet, as I currently lack one, but how does What's there sound?

Drums are Superior Drummer 2.0
Guitars are a Jackson SLSMG into DI, into Overloud TH2 (Randal T2 Amp), into EQ, into a bit of compression, into saturation.

Loudness Maximizer and a multiband compressor on top of the whole mix.

Thanks in advance!
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I'd love to give you some C4C but the link says I don't belong. Do you have the songs on your profile (Or can you put them up there)?

Edit: Now that the link is working, here's what I think.

Instantly I think that the percussion sounds very sterile. Try adding some reverb or take some of the compression out. A dynamic piece is better than a compressed piece in all instances (IMO). Musically, everything is fine. Try extending the phrasing of your leads so that you aren't always ending on a long note at the beginning of each measure. I can imagine this leading up to something very chaotic. Keep it up and let me know if and when you finish it so I can take another look!
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Infinite apologies! Wrong link -_-

Fixed it! Should work well now. Much appreciated.
Desperately needs bass. It feels so... flat. In fact, with that piece of the picture missing, it's hard to come up with something to say about this.

The guitar tone is good, but I think the drums need... something. Make sure you split them into separate stems (one each for your kick, snare, toms, and cymbals, at least) and give them each their own EQ and compressor.

Overall though, I think you're on the right track. Just needs that last instrument to fill out the picture and a bit more polish.
Thanks for the crit on mine.

I like this right from the start, nice riffing and lead over the top. Tight playing as well. Obviously it's very short, but i really think it has potential so you should definitely extend it to a full length song. Guitar tone is nice, when you record some bass it will give it that extra heaviness. I don't actually own a bass either, so I just record my guitar DI and use some plugins to make it sound like a bass. You can get surprisingly ok results that way, so I'd recommend trying that till you manage to get hold of an actual bass. It's much better than none at all!