4:27 - 4:30

I think it's played with hammerons and pulloffs but i'm having a seriously difficult time getting it to sound right that way. I was wondering if it would sound as good if not better alternate picked?

Tabs are below..



Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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I guess what it comes down to is: are you trying to sound exactly like the song or just something similar?

seriously try it both ways you may prefer one over the other, or maybe a combo of the two.

also where did the tabs come from, because if it doesn't say to hammer-on/ pull-off, its probably not done that way, unfortunately I dont know exactly because I can't watch the video while I'm at work...
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What works best for you, works best for you. Try both and stick the one that feels best to you/makes the sound you want.

Personally i would play that with as much legato as possible, but that's just my style.
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Synster Gates uses lots of Legato so it probably is picked. If thats how you find it easier or prefer the sound, do that but I suspect that it is picked
Sounds Picked.........heard it only once....im pretty sure its picked
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I would economy pick all of it?

Depends on the player...
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