Has anyone used these? I'm think of putting one in the bridge of my squier strat, cause why let a playable guitar go to waste?

I was just wondering whether anyone had used these?

Obviously they sound great for distortion, but I was wondering wether you can get a nice fender clean tone out of them, or whether I need to roll down the volume on my guitar to get anything less than crunch?

Cheers guys!
I've got three hotrails in my strat. Personally I prefer the neck pickup for clean stuff but you can get some alright clean tones with the bridge pickup. I generally only pick rather strum on the bridge with clean sounds as it can sound too 'tinny' if you know what I mean.
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I get what you mean, but the I like the idea of a very bright chimey trebley clean, and I don't know wether I should maybe just go for the cool rails...
Take a chance on the hotrails. Whats the worst that could happen? ...Stuck with a great sounding guitar?....
I liked 'em for punk/emo type stuff in guitars when I was in high-school. A Friend of mine slapped one in his Squier Affinity and I used it on occasion, with much success. A "clean Fender" tone MAY be achievable with a coil tap, but, all in all, you'll loose the spank of the classic single coil in exchange for the growl and gnarl of a nasty, hot ceramic humbucker.

If you slap one in your bridge, you'll still have plenty of variety. Not my cup of tea, but they're pretty decent.

PS. The Hotrails/lil59s/lilJBs never sound as "big" as their full size counterparts. You might want to invest in a new pickguard and slap a full size SD JB or Dimarzio Super Distortion in the guitar to get a good, full HB sound out of it.

I used to run a strat with a Dimi SD with a single volume for the most part when I was playing a lot of Punk/Emo stuff (of course, this was between 2001-2005, so, I don't know if it's changed)
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have one in my strat, getting two more
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not s fan of a bridge. it is a very hot pickup, noticably higher output than a regular strat single coil, but i agree. they are bright, tinny, and neutral sounding.

it would make a strat handle some more agressive and edgy tones, but it really is a bit too much for me.

if you want a bright, crystal clear, and punchy tone, it might do it for you. i prefer a more organic and warm tone but with the output. i personally do not think hotrails go well in a strat compared to the rest of the stock pickups.

i would advise to getting a set, rather than putting 1 hot rails in the bridge and leaving the rest. very weird, then you have 2 drastically different sounding sets of pickups. the guitar i am refering to is a friends and i hate that darn thing because of it.