Ok so basically nearly 6 years ago I bought an Ibanez RG320FM and for the first few years it was brilliant! rehearsed with it and gigged with it too but over a year or so ago i noticed that the action would cut out after the 12th fret :/ so I put it into a local guitar shop for repair and it comes out sounding good for the first few days but then the action cuts out again.. to cut a long story short.. after having this guitar looked at 2-3 times, the action is still gone past the 12th fret and the neck pickup seems to bulge out of its socket which in turn presses against the high e string. Its a shame because fair enough this isnt the best guitar ever but it was the first electric guitar I ever bought for myself and damn do I miss doing divebombs on that thing.. so yeh if anyone can suggest what the problem might be and maybe a solution to it id be very grateful because this guitar just hangs on my wall now :/

sounds like the neck isnt in the pocket correctly, and you might need to add or move a shim.

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