Most don't have them fitted, is it possible to retro fit one to a valve amp?
Failing that a line out socket which bypasses the speaker but I guess it's a similar thing
I'm not sure, possibly might be something to do with the tech behind headphone and valve? I have a hybrid valve/modelling vox amp and when you hook up headphones you don't get access to the valve's sound.
Yeah I've read you need to bypass the valves but would that mean a fancy little modelling circuit needs adding?
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On a low wattage one yes, if you want to take it from the power amp output you still need an appropriate load for power tubes if you don't want the thing to die (and getting a 10watt 8ohm resistor isn't such an issue)
Cheers mate, I need some kind of schematic to peruse to see exactly what it entails.
There's a reason that headphone outs aren't common on tube amps. They are generally not worth adding because they add unnecessary complexity and usually sound crappy because you're usually cutting out some crucial elements and interactions to the tone.

Here's one, if you want to build yourself. Otherwise you can buy a Weber headphone tap, which is the same thing. The good news is that they're not too expensive. The bad news is that they just don't sound good. If you want to practice through headphones, a POD is still the way to go.