Yes, the Dream Theater's song. I've been trying to repeat the central passages, but the patterns are too strange for my ear. Especially when Petrucci slides up to do the solo,
Coming from blues experiences, should I "Take the time" and keep practising with this passage, or should I train myself with other specific exercises?

To be more precise, the lick's from 4:03 to 4:19. Man, his alternate picking is really fast.


Thanks in advice.
If you really want to learn it, focus on it. If it's hard for you to do, then it'll make you better. Atleast that's my philosophy, anything that is hard for you to do and and you want to learn is the greatest exercise, cause if you do perfect practice with it (starting at such a slow speed that you can play it perfectly, then speeding up when its accurate) it will improve your playing greatly.

I'd say take the time and learn it. Unless it feels impossible and keeps you unmotivated.
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Maybe it's a good thing that I want to spend time on it everyday, even if I encounter difficulties? I've had similiar headaches trying to learn some Alex Lifeson's (Rush) patterns, and now they seem to come off easily, after 1 year. I'll let you know in the next 15 years, haha!
You've been playing for a year and you already want to tackle "Take the Time"? Good luck. Unless you're a prodigy (unlikely), I think it's above your skill level. I'd pick something easier. If you just wanna learn proggy stuff for now, try some Queensryche or Tool. Petrucci can be a little nuts, especially on that song.

But if you still wanna try it, just take it slow and work on it with a metronome. You'll need a program to slow down the song without altering the pitch and a metronome obviously.
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