Hi everyone,

I'm new here so let me introduce myself real quick. I enjoy going on quests for a certain type of sound. When I was younger, I was hunting down vintage 60's Big Muff pedals and modifying Mashall amps with other tubes or changing the pick-ups in my guitar.

Anyway, I haven't been active for many years, but I decided to pick the guitar back up. And now I actually have a sound-related question for you guys. I heard a gorgeous guitar sound, warm and full, but also crisp and a little hot so it almost overdrives.

My question is: what's your 2 cents? How do you think this sound was made? You can go as specific as you like in terms of amp, pedals, pickups, guitar etc. I'm just really curious. Song is here: We Were Never Young by Raised by Swans
It sounds like a Plexi to me.

EDIT: Found a pic showing their amps. Fenders here, though that might not be what they used in the studio.

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