Basically, it means that the tuner of the G string isn't fitted exactly where it was supposed to be. That may influence tuning stability a little, as well as how quickly the nut wears down.

However, "does not bind other tuners" means it won't get in the way when tuning the other strings.
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I think that just means it doesn't get in the way of the other tuners. Probably just drilled in the wrong spot and looks a little off. Functionally it's probably fine. Email/Call them and ask.
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It means don't pay full price for the guitar.

There's already a discount on it compared to the "good" ML-2's.
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If you look at the back of the headstock, usually the tuners will all be lined up with each other. What they are sayins is that the G string tuner was mounted crooked so that it is not perfectly in line with the others, but it won't affect the tuning or other tuners in any negative way.
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