I wasn't sure where else to post this. Basically, Q101 (which is still technically alive and kicking) is trying to put on Jamboree again this year.

Admittedly, in the past, Jamboree has been pretty lame...but they're really trying to raise money to make a great event happen this year.

If they raise the dough, they're talking about Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, and/or a hell of a lot more bands from a hell of a lot more genres.

The trick is, their Kickstarter is to raise $299,000 by May 5th. right now they're at $42,000.

So, this is my message to Chicago based people who just might miss Q101 or Jamboree: Make it happen! This video explains the rest.

edit: If you never listened to/liked Q101, or you have no attachment to the Chicago area, kindly disregard this letter.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.