Hey everybody,

I'm really new at recording and studio equipment stuff, so I'm not completely sure if my question's a dumb one or not. The thing is that I've been recording my covers with my camcorder, which I realized comes out as terrible quality compared to proper studio recordings. I also need to mention that the sound's basically coming from a really crappy tiny Ibanez amp (IBZ10G) and an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. And finally, all of this is connected to an AX3000G effect processor/pedal board (call it whatever you want). You get the picture.

A few weeks ago a bought a MIDI cable (not sure about the name of the model or anything, but it cost around 25$). What I was hoping I was gonna do with it was connect it to my effect processor, and plug it to my laptop, and then record the sound in FL Studio. So overall, I wouldn't need the amp anymore, and I wouldn't need my crappy camera to record the stuff + all of it would be in good quality.

However, I realized that I couldn't figure out how to record in FL Studio, so I was really upset. I tried many times already but I still really can't figure it out. So can somebody please tell me what's wrong? My computer identifies the processor once I plug it in, but it doesn't seem to work with FL Studio. So maybe can you give me another software(s) that I could use? I just simply need to record the sound of the guitar (without any real editing, or dubbing, or anything else at that matter.)
MIDI isn't audio, its virtual notes and commands that you'd send to a plugin or device to tell it to do something. In your case, a MIDI cable plugged into your pedal board allows you to switch channels and patches on a MIDI enabled amp or another processor, or for receiving a MIDI signal from another device to switch a patch on it, it's not for recording the audio.
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So what exactly can I do to record my guitar straight to my computer? Is my effect processor even useful in this process anymore?
Buy an interface. Plug it in. Record your shit.
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Just recording guitar? Don't do it in FL. I am probably the most hardcore FL user on here and I say that. It can get you into bad habits for recording. There is nothing wrong with recording any type of music in FL but learning reaper, cubase, or pro tools are essential (and are similar). FL basics do not equate to basics of other DAWs.

If your just doing guitar try reaper. If you have decent knowledge of mixing in FL and understand how the mixer works and assigning tracks I can help you with figuring out audio recording.