Maybe try looking for inspiration in random objects? There's a Tragically Hip song where the singer states he stole the lyrics/idea from a Hockey Card, so I'm sure you can make a song about pretty much anything.
You should just keep writing, even if it doesn't meet your usual standard. Your experience of writing will increase and new ideas will develop. Even if the songs are not as good, your skills will develop the more you apply them.
Just as your doing whatever you do normally every day, pay attention to everything you see or do. Anything you hear. Be open to inspiration and don't ignore any idea. Even if its something really corny, write about it. Practice makes perfect
A lot of people struggle with writers block because they arent sure how to translate what they feel into actual music. One quick thing you could try is to write down each chord you know on a piece of paper (or text file) and then go through and figure out how each one 'feels'. Then combine one or two together and see how this changes the feeling.
I found playing a completely different style of music helps me find inspiration. I'm currently playing an acoustic and trying some finger picking techniques from a book. I'm very much a hard rock/metal 'turn everything to 11!' guy but playing acoustically, using different chords, playing in a different way, has re-sparked my creativity a bit. Just this morning I had an idea for a rock n' roll/punk song and I haven't played anything like that for ages.
I hope this helps. Writers block sucks ass.
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The best way I've used to smash through writer's block (musically) is to play some John Williams music (Star Wars soundtrack?) and to play an orchestra in your head like that. Don't think, just play anything.

Notice that he plays random stuff and it sounds cool.

That opens new doors since you're not judging your stuff anymore.

Hope this helps!
Its always important to rejuvenate your love of music. Don't enforce music, but reinforce your love for it. If you force yourself without passion or reason, there is always the danger of it feeling like a chore and you'll become less likely to devote time to it.

Keep your passion alive by listening to music as much as possible. Check out DVDs and clips on youtube and your desire to create music will be refreshed.