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It's me covering Lou Reed's Satellite of Love.

I'm just looking for overall advice really, thinks I could try out perhaps?

One thing I would really like to know is how to "de-ess" things.

Also could/should the guitar be thicker? It's the best sound I've managed to record to this date (production wise)
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ozone has these options built in.


Sounds cool, but I'd rather learn how to do it rather than using pre-set so that I can do it on multiple DAW's if need be.

EDIT: whoever downloaded my cover (hopefully it was because you liked it) thank you would be cool to hear from you.
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How loud do you guys like to record? I've turned all my tracks down to -12db or lower depending and then in the mastering stage I've turned up the volume and I'm thinking that's why its starting to sound better.

Anyone link me on how to set up a de-esser on Ableton? I can't find any information, or at least none that is clearly explained/it's sources can't be verified.