Little story about my gear before i put a (crappy quality) picture. These 2 cabs are from the late 70's and were designed after Marshall 4x12's. They're "mini" Marshalls. Inside is a 1x12 and 2x8's. Yes, 2x8's. One is a straight cab and the other a slant. Got these from my uncle (for free) and they were built by a Marshall employee (obviously after he left) out in northern California. There are only 4 made. Mine being 3/4 and 4/4. There is a select switch on them to change from 1x12 to 1x12 and 2x8's. And another to switch off the 1x12 and run only the 2x8's.

By the way, they sound awesome (recording soon). They have a pair of real old Jensen 12's between the two of them.. Buy sadly, I forget the make of the 8" drivers.. I'll have to crack it open and take a look again.

Well, here's the pic! Better pic coming soon.

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That is weird and awesome. Enjoy!
What?! There's a clean channel on my amp?!

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omfg i totally forgot about that, you sir are jesus christ.
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That is weird and awesome. Enjoy!

The 2x8's make for an odd config, but after messing around with the cabs.. I can't believe the difference in sound.. Everything is a little more crisp. It'd probably sound killer EQd the right way with a Tele plugged into them. Could probably get a great country tone.. If that's the genre you're into. Makes for some nice Floyd sounds too with a strato.
I feel like there should be some impedance issues here.
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I feel like there should be some impedance issues here.

Not 100% sure how It's actually wired. I do know, though that the 2x8's are 16ohm speakers run in parallel (I believe) to make the impedance 8ohms. The 1x12 itself is 8ohms.. So if I'm not mistaken, the 2x8's and the 1x12 run in series together would also be 8ohms? I think that's how It's wired to get past the impedance issues. Could be wrong though, never was an expert at ohmage.

Would also mean the 2 cabs run in series together to a single head would also be 8ohms? Never ran them both together yet as I'm not 100% sure. My uncle had been running the one with his VHT for the past few years with no issues at 8ohms.