My cover song of this is has one of the most views and downloads on soundcloud {which isn't saying much, but hey}.

What do you think about it...........{also, this was made with a $25 mic. from Walmart, in my computer room, using Windows Sound Recorder, so it might be a little rough}

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Whatever phaser/delay effect going on throughout the recording is way too distracting for me to actual hear the singing/guitar. I love effects like that, but you have to use them sparingly.

Try re-posting it completely dry. Also, from what I sort of can hear, it sounds really good. However, from Nirvana fan to fellow Nirvana fan, try to sing more like yourself and less like Kurt. That's something that took me a long time to actually realize, you know?

Great job, again, and I'd love to hear it dry.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.