Here's My First Ever Song. (So Go Easy would ya ;D)
It's really simple - a 2 Chord Progression - how ever i Think it works well.
I'll get onto more complicated stuff when I learn More Music Theory.

: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD4M6sEsfWA&list=UUDaGD395Eppo1r6ADbStgzQ&index=1&feature=plcp

Here's the Notations taken from my Video:

I Think That I should tell you.
This Ain't one of those Songs.
Yes it's about this Gorges Girl.
Listen - Don't get things Wong.

Why can't you just see through it Kate!
Through the Mirror on your Wall !
Why Can't you just look through it Kate!
See me Once in a While!

we can do 'most Everything.
-Travel the whole world - twice.
Imagine All the Mysteries.
Imagine all the Nights.

You Wouldn't do it Would you Kate?
Not when your hair is one mil out..
You Just wouldn't do it would you Kate?
-You wouldn't Even Just Hang Out.

I got one thing Left to say to you.
Before you go running to your hide.
I Love would you Here and Endlessly...
If it wasn't for your pride.

Nah Nah Nah... (2 bars)

Repeat (1)

Guitar Chords : G Major , Have no clue - 5 and 6 on G Major drop a string - Middle Finger Mutes the 6 Sting "

EDIT : I'm also looking for Edits to. if you think I should add something/take something, just say
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