Hey all. I'm sorry to create yet ANOTHER one of these "what amp" threads haha.
Im looking for a nice little tube amp that can achieve some nice heavy metal tones. I'm planning on using it for recording guitar at home so I want to be able to crank it enough to get a decent enough tone but not blast my ears off in a semi-detached house. The tone I need to achieve with this amp is a thrashy metalcore type sound (Not the "constant-breakdown" metalcore). Think of bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Killswitch Engage. I LOVE riffs.

Now for the formalities:

Budget: As cheap as possible. £500 is the max I want to go, but I am willing to stretch a bit further if this amount limits me.

Genre: As said above; Thrashy Metalcore

New or Used: Preferably new (the used market around my area is shockingly bad)

Closest City: Sheffield, UK

Home or Gig: Home and ever so possibly, small gigs

Current Gear: I will just be going straight from my Ibanez SZR520 into the amp.

Thanks in advance
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You might want to just get a POD HD or a Vypyr Tube.

First of all, low wattage does not mean low volume. It means low headroom. There are very, very few low wattage amps out there that sound good for modern metal sound. The modern metal sound is big amps with big power sections and big output transformers. You can't replicate that sound with a little amp, unless you're modeling it.

Low wattage amps are good for getting power tube breakup really fast, for more old school sounds (generally 80's and before). For modern metal, that's not what you want.

Tube amps by nature are going to be loud, whether they are 1W or 100W.

That said, some amps do handle low volume better than others. If you don't want a digital setup, you may want to check out the Peavey JSX, I've heard that it sounds pretty good at bedroom volumes.
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^ you mean a 6505?

I'll go along with that.

TS - look into the Peavey 6505+112 or the Vypyr Tube 60.

what Offworld said is pretty spot on. That is similar to what I would have said.

Low watts do not work well with 'metal' and 'gigging'
I was about to type in "Carvin V3M" until I saw the little "£" logo at the price. What you are describing is screaming for that but they're too damn expensive over there.

But yeah, 6505+ 112 is probably your best bet for your price range and sound, since that's like, the standard for metalcore. Jet City 5012c is also worth a look but is a much different type of sound.
how is jet city priced where you are at? they may be a good option. i have owned two and since sold them (longest lasting a week or two)

i didn't care for them, but tons of people love Jet City on the forums.
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Quote by trashedlostfdup
how is jet city priced where you are at? they may be a good option. i have owned two and since sold them (longest lasting a week or two)

i didn't care for them, but tons of people love Jet City on the forums.

yeah. there are def more Jet City lovers than haters.

i was never really a big fan. they seemed kind of thin, lack luster and cheap to me

they are low cost though.....i just wouldn't consider one for any kind of music outside of maybe thrash
I wouldn't recommend the 20w Jet City amps for anything aside from classic or Indie rock. People say they get heavy with boosts but I strongly disagree. They just don't have the voicing.

The higher wattage ones are good for heavy stuff though. Can definitely do metalcore stuff but will sound different from the typical 6505 style sound. They're worth looking at though.

I don't particularly like the tone they dialed in for this clip, but this was recorded with my JCA100h: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PJVhRG6D7g Just to give the idea of how it would sound with metalcore.
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Always thought it was 6550 because thats what the tube is oh well. Yeah seems to be really versitile. I've seen used 5150s to, hope thats right lol. not sure if the older 5150 is really better. Never been into peavey but I wouldn't buy a Jet City ever. Ampeg amps are cool new line out.
good luck
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engl gigmaster?
Hayden Mofo?
H&K tubemeister?

I've heard these can get decent metal tones either one their own, or w/ pedals
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