Hey guys

I was just wanting to check what a good price would be if i was to sell my lawsuit Epiphone.
It's 88-89 superstrat H-S-S, term that locks at the nut only, black, really good neck with an explorer headstock. In really good condition for 20 years+ only on little chip/dent on the back of the lower cut away and it's barley noticeable as it looks to still have paint on it nothing major. I was going to ask £200-250 that seem ok


note - I'm not selling it just now just checking for a price
I put this on just to check the price but I've decided to put it on for sale now. I'll try and get some pics on tomorrow or as soon as possible. It is a great guitar PM me if you want more info or to make an offer.
Ok my brother (dumbass) has saved the pictures in the wrong format so I can't upload pics sorry but PM me if anyone is interested an I will send you the pictures. I know it's a bit inconvenient sorry.