5 tracks, mostly just me and my guitar and hands.


i've had this in one of my folders for a few months, and today seems a nice day to give it out. this has been something that i made one morning with some negative feelings coming on. its pretty much just solo un edited guitar through and through, save for a couple sprinklings of little bits of things here and there. a live album really. people seem to enjoy when i sort of play them to sleep, so i went with that sort of vibe, these are the kinds of things i have played for people until they unintentionally dosed off or fell into a loose state of being. hopefully you enjoy.

sleep tite!

Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Sadly I can't really criticize anything because I can't find anything that I dislike with the mix.
It sounds like it achieves exactly what it wants to achieve.

Now... not go to on a mindless praise spree but...
The songs are f%#ing Amazing. I'd definitely pay for an album like this and would love to see you live (in a building with a renaissance architectural theme, cozy chairs and lots of wine, hah).

But yea. Great stuff. Siilver Spooon Mooon is my favorite.
These are great really. You weren't kidding when you said "music for dreamin". I especially love the first track, amazing job man