Hey UG,

Lately I have been extremely bored with playing guitar. I'll have an itch to play after leaving it alone for a day or to, but as soon as I start playing, it just feels dull. I try to play some of my favorite songs, but I end up just wanking around in minor pentatonic and playing chords all over the neck... Then I get frustrated and stop.
How do you guys deal with it? Any tips for me?
Thanks ahead of time
1. Find someone to play with. 2. Stop playing for a while. 3. Play something completely different from what you usually play.
I don't know what you've been doing lately but refreshing is always good. So I'd search for some music that's not really in the style that you've been in lately. Learn it by ear, play the parts along with it, improvise with it. Have fun withouth thinking about a result (too much).

Hope that helps
ive been having the same problem as of late...
heres how i solve it
1. get new gear
2. mess around with different tones, tunings, or distortions, (something you usually dont play in)
3. smoke a pack of american spirits (black or teal)
Lately, I've had the same problem. I don't know why. I have tried learning different songs and techniques but always end up losing focus and procrastinating. It is annoying and frustrating.
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I've been play lots of Zeppelin and Hendrix, so I'll try some metal maybe. I really despise my amp, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, so maybe I'll look for a new amp.
I think I treat playing like I do school, so i dont have fun with it...
Thanks for the tips so far!
Yeah just have fun for christ sake! That's the most important part, you're doing this for fun. It shouldn't be something like school. I think every guitar player should get good technical first and train their hearing and then they should be able to write everything. What comes out is not important, what comes out is always what went in. So if you've listened to a kind of music that will influence what you will be playing. But really, I think you shouldn't be worrying about what comes out but about how much fun you have.
pop on a backing track in a genre you've never played before and mess around, it doesn't seem like practice because it's fun, but you'll expand your repetoire
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Dude, it takes me a week to get back into it... Sucks huh.

Do you mean every time you play you have to wait a week before you want to play again?
A kind of strange thing that helps me get into it is to get horny. Strangely enough, I improvise, write, and generally play better when something's got me going.
who knows how to play musicman 1066s new years competion solo?i try to download the tabs but they wnt work
Watch your favorite band's live videos/DVDs. It always gets me going.
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When you get stuck in a rut of not wanting to play, don't. Forcing yourself to practice when you really don't want to is negative and will not yield positive results.

Set it down for a week, a month. If you want to play, you will.
This is a very common problem, for sure... When you lose the inspiration to play you need to have a breakthrough. You are at a point where you have plateaued (amazed I spelled that right first try) and need to break through that. There are actually many ways of doing this. My recommendations to you would be to listen to a lot of songs that get you in the mood to shred. Listen to several different solos and styles of solos, learn how to play a guitar solo , and do so well. Above all else, though you need to be having fun. Find other guitarists or drummers to jam with. Play with them as often as you can. If you get lucky, and find a real educated musician, learn your guitar fretboard and have them just call out what they're playing and improvise over it. Playing with other musicians is THE best way to improve very quickly and have a ton of fun in doing so.

Hope this has helped out. And like Joenah said.. Just freakin' have some fun and shred

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Lately, I've had the same problem. I don't know why. I have tried learning different songs and techniques but always end up losing focus and procrastinating. It is annoying and frustrating.

I have this problem too nowadays.
This is very human. If you do something for hours every day, you are naturally not going to be equally excited and passionate about it every time you do it.

It's as simple as that and anybody who tells you otherwise is lying. It's like people pretending to be happy every day - it's biologically impossible.

Keep trying to play new things as suggested by others and the excitement will eventually come back.

(Btw, I am uninspired at the moment too!)
If you don't want to play - don't.

Playing the guitar is a hobby. not an obligation (unless it's your job). There's no reason at all you should play every day, the point of hobbies is that they're fun - if one of you're hobbies isn't being much fun at the moment then you just stop doing it for a while.

There's absolutely nothing to be gained from forcing yourself to play, you should only play because you WANT to. It doesn't matter if you don't play for a day, a week, a month or even a year - just play when you feel like it, it might be a gig that sparks it off again, or hearing a song you'd forgotten about, or buying a new piece of gear.
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I find it weird that no one here suggested to do really anything other than keep playing (or other things that revolve around music).

What normally inspires you? if you are not on some kind of deadline (basically not preparing for something that pays) then do something inspiring. read a good book, watch a movie, play a video game, go for a walk etc. do things that typically inspire you and or other artists (they don't have to be musicians) you would be surprised by the things that could inspire you, something as simple as the right photo could send your mind on a musical rampage.
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Take guitar lessons or find someone to jam with you. I had a rough patch recently and started taking lessons to get me out of my funk. It forced me out of my comfort zones and now I'm seeing improvement again.

Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass to get motivated.
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Women are a good inspiration. I mean, isn't that why we all start to play in the first place lol?
What I did in the very same situation:
I got myself a digital guitar amp modelling thingy and started recording my own material.
It greatly improves your technique overtime, since hearing yourself does give you a whole new view on your style, your playing, your technique etc, while recording your own material forces you to build your own songs, structure them, etc...
write your own songs.

get someone to play with

learn different genres instead of pentatonic stuff.

make new licks.

its up to YOU and how YOU make it exciting. the guitar is just there. its about what you do. usually new amps help. My DSL provides inspiration for me on a daily basis because i make a riff or a lick im like amazed at how professional it sounds.

up to you.

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One way to get over constantly playing pentatonic scales is to write a song in 1 key.

I FORCED myself to make a Dream Theater like 15 minute song in G and after working on it for awhile it got fun and I really wanted to work on it. It's just a lead and rhythm guitar and me playing bassines on guitar.

Try it, but if you're sick of playing don't. We all go through that phase,.its not unusual.
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A kind of strange thing that helps me get into it is to get horny. Strangely enough, I improvise, write, and generally play better when something's got me going.

strangely enough - me too lol. and then i tend to write more lyrics too.
The fact that you hate your amp might have something to do with it...no one wants to play if they don't like their sound. So even if you weren't bored of playing, you should look around for a new amp. But new gear definitely does get me in the mood. Also, learning a song or two in a different genre (as previously mentioned by many posters), trying out a different tuning (even if it's just drop-D), going to a concert or watching a concert DVD (or just surfing youtube for cool guitar videos or live songs or something), recording yourself (I just use my laptop and some freeware to make very basic recordings, but it still inspires me and also gets the creative juices flowing), improvising over whatever song comes on the radio next, playing with other people, writing an original song/riff/solo...and if nothing else works, just take a week or so off, no point in forcing anything. And mostly, don't worry about it...everyone goes through moods like this.
Join a band/jam with dudes. Writing original music with other people is probably the best thing you could do when lacking inspiration, it worked for me

Also, go see some live bands. Another great 'tool' for gaining inspiration
If you've been practicing something consistently, its best to take break from it and try something else. If you feel frustrated with not being able to come up with cool ideas, take some time to study other players, players you like or even newer players, even listening to players/bands on youtube or seeing live bands. This can help to increase your motivation and keep going.