assuming this is the correct location to post...
i was showing my friend my locking tuners and before i had the chance to loosen them i noticed that the low e string tuner was sticking out but wouldnt go tighter...
if i force it turns but im scared that if i keep forcing it it breaks but basically...
each lock at its slackest is like this at its tightest.
here is a picture but yeh what do i do? i dont know if its cross threaded as itturns and i havent adjusted it which makes me wonder how its like that... but yeh, here you go. any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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Quote by Zacky_Gates

aliens do explain why my locking tuner won't tighten

EDIT: they don't
That's happened to me before, on mine the lock was just cross threaded (screwed in crooked). Just loosen the lock all the way and take it out and screw it back in all the way, then restring it. Should be good.
Yeh, it might be stripped out. This issue happened with my EC-1000. I just kinda delt with restringing my guitar with it like that until I got new tuners.

Sorry for the bad news
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It's normal for the 6th string tuner's locking disc to stick out more. There's a thicker string in there taking up more space so it has less room to screw inwards.

Just check that the string itself is being held in place securely. If it is, no problem. Screws can't spontaneously strip themselves and locking posts don't randomly decide to pop out of the rest of the machine head, while somehow keeping the string in place.

You tighten locking tuners just as far as you can comfortably turn them with your hand. If you're applying any real force then you're doing it wrong and you're risking breaking something. Just screw it in as far as it will comfortably, easily go and when it stops, that's where you leave it. Trying to tighten it more can only damage it.

Edit: apologies, didn't see the photo clearly before. Welp, yup that's broken. You need a new tuner, no two ways about it. If the guitar is relatively new, i.e. still under warranty, then ESP should be able to send you a replacement set for free.
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This happened to me, twice. Nothing I could do to fix it. The dealer was nice to ship me a pair of replacements. Now I remember to not turn the thumbscrew all the way out. Just enough to slip the string in.

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Solution 1:
Broken gear inside tuner, get a repairsman to pop it open and see if it can be replaced or fixed

Solution 2:
Buy new tuners, ESP locking tuners are the same size holes as Grover/Gotoh machine heads.
Some will require you to drill holes to help keeping the tuners from moving

Quote by treysonpwaters
That's happened to me before, on mine the lock was just cross threaded (screwed in crooked). Just loosen the lock all the way and take it out and screw it back in all the way, then restring it. Should be good.

it seems like it's cross threaded as it appears to be at a slight angle.
i took the string out but now the spinner thing spins but feels chross threaded but the actual lock inside the tuning peg wont move so i cant get the string back in :|
ayway, how exactly do i take the lock out? ive loosened it as much as possible but that doesnt do anything but it looks like ill need to take it out of the tuning peg or readjust it so it spins again.
hope thats clear but if anybody has a solution to this let me know! trying to avoid drilling holes.
Typical how it breaks a few days before the deadline of my a-level coursework ¬¬