I'm interested in getting an EHX Stereo Pulsar, due to it's control over the waveforms.

However, the last time I played through one, I found it certain settings cut my volume a bit.

How complicated would it be to add a control to boost or reduce the volume of the pedal? I've heard people swap some of the resistors and this makes it louder, but I'm not sure I need it to be louder. I would just need to compensate for certain settings.

Can this be done with the XO pedals?
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.
I dont know the pedal but my EH nano doctor Q has a trimpot inside for volume
Maybe I should send EHX an email about whether the Pulsar has a trim?

I took a look inside an XO Electric Mistress and the board is pretty crowded. As I understand it, adding a pot directing after the input or directly before the output really only gives minimum volume control (cutting only, rather than boosting). Would adding a pot over the right resistor allow me to dial in a volume boost or cut?
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.