I have a very silly problem, when i play electric guitar i hardly have it (i have it but dont hear it) when i play acoustic the problem does show it's ugly head.

When i lift my fingers from the fretboard to move to another chord or anything i just cant seem to lift my fingers without making a sound, resulting in random notes/noise that goes through the tune i play and that is just extremely annoying.

So how can i learn to lift my fingers without ringing the string every single time, especially with chords i have this problem not so much with single notes. Are there any exercises for this, tricks, tips etc
Try to lift the off halfly, so they don't touch the fretboard, then fully release. I have an old acoustic piece of crap here, and it works for me.
Well, I had the same problem when I first began playing, strictly because my fingertips were all soft and pansy-ish. After a few months of hard playing, the calluses formed and the problem resolved itself.
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