Does anyone have any tips for marking time (both feet) while doing accent grids? I've been working on it for the past 2 days, but I always end up stepping during the accent. Any help is appreciated.
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I read this yesterday and was just like "Err.. I think I'll leave this to somebody else..."
Marking time, for drumline/marching band. Ya know, stepping in place on the beat.

edit: This forum needs a drumline thread.
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From my experience, (Not a drummer, I played Bari Sax in marching band) Marking time was never relaly an issue for me. It just kind of clicked. I'd assume not stepping on the accent is just something you're gonna have to work on. :P

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I think he's saying he's working on moving the accent, but still seems to step on the accent, when actually he want's to be stepping on the beat.

Example, if your accents are on the "and of two" and the "e of three"

When he should step on 2 and 4, he steps on ↑ instead.
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I'm gonna tell you what my director pounds into my ear through all 60 hours of band camp: Subdivide, subdivide, and then subdivide some more.

Assuming you have a rhythm like this: ONE and two AND three and FOUR and, practice playing all the eights while marching, then (Assuming you don't have them) cut them out so you are left with One, And, Four.

And slow it down. It comes with time and practice.
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