Hey folks, I've been on the hunt for a rackmount effects unit that can deliver some good echo. I play metal and I'm shooting for a Strapping Young Lad-esque "wall of sound" type of tone. I know they used a Roland GP-100 but I've heard that particular unit is pretty unintuitive and outdated, though it does sound great. Something similar sounding would be awesome, any thoughts on the matter would be cool.
Have a look at this one here:


It was on my list, prior to buying an Eventide Eclipse Harmonizer. I might still buy one.

Also, check out this one. It's a bit higher, but still a good unit.

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Alesis Quadraverb, for that money is almost impossible to get something better

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Yep, Quadraverb. Be patient and you'll probably score one off ebay for a tenth of what you had budgeted.
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