A Gibson Les Paul Standard?

you know, how many players view that as "the holy grail" of sorts? I hate it, and I'm just keen to go stare at the Strat equivalent.
Not quite sure what you mean by this question?
There are different types of American made Strats; Deluxe, Vintage, Standard etc and there are different types of American made Les Pauls; Custom, Studio, Special etc
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They're all pretty much the same with just different electronics until you get to the custom shop in my opinion.
I really like the Eric Johnson strats...damn expensive though

pretty much any custom shop I suppose
masterbuilt custom shop?

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I have an American Strat.

I prefer my friend's Indonesian EC-401VF.

That really doesn't mean anything. It's not apples and apples because those are two completely different instruments.

For instance If you love thin necks, you're going to prefer an Ibanez Gio over a Gibson Standard. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the Gibson.
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A Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Fender American Standard are the two companies' equivalents. Though many people would argue that the American Standard Telecaster, Gibson SG Standard and other such models also belong alongside them.

As far as 'holy grails' go, it's pretty much the same thing. LP lovers want a 1959 LP, Strat lovers typically want a 50s Strat, 1957 seeming to be the most popular year.
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